Top 7 Training Tips for Every Sales Manager

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A common perception is that salespeople are smooth talkers who are ready to answer all your queries and questions before bringing them to your lips even. And within a few minutes, you are all impressed and convinced to buy the product. However, in reality, salespeople are great listeners. They are keen observers and carefully listen to the client’s needs so they can cater to them.

Similar to any skill, naturally good salespeople also need to polish their skills via consistent training. As a sales manager, here are a few tried and tested tips you can use to train your sales team.

Learn from the Best

There are tons of resources available on the internet from where you can learn about effective strategies and tactics. Some of the most popular blogs are by Neil Patel, John Barrows, and Matt Heinz. Go through them and you will find some valuable content that can assist in training newbies.

Short but Consistent Training

According to a report, sales training can be too much of a good thing. Managers want to develop a competitive force within a short span. But salespeople, generally, cannot retain huge amounts of information at one time. Studies also reveal that in an hour lecture, listeners are most focused for about 10-18 minutes. Eventually, attention is lost.

Sales training events that go on for 3-4 days are a waste of money as the salespeople forget the content within 5 weeks. Overtraining is ineffective and not only impacts the natural talent of a salesperson but also pushes technique over ability. These days, the average attention span is 8 seconds. So, while using sales enablement software and training, see that they are short while keeping listeners engaged.

Give Rewards

Compared to other employees, salespeople tend to be driven by goals. Achievement-based training programs are excellent due to this factor. Tell your team that they are doing a good job because they exceeded their goal or did well in a difficult situation. So, give rewards for specific achievements.

Adopt the Buddy System 

Sales can be quite intimidating for those who are new to the field. That’s why creating a buddy system always works. This way, the staff can openly ask questions and share information. Pairing new hires with an experienced sales rep will allow information sharing, learning, and finding the good and bad right from the start. This creates an engaging and helpful work environment.

Feedback for Field Training

Working in the fields helps with talent development. However, the analysis and feedback received afterward a call is what matters the most. Team leaders and supervisors can ask sales reps to focus on perceptive listening to they can understand the needs of clients. It facilitates salespeople pushing a product by giving direct feedback in a real sales situation. The sales manager should listen in on sales calls, review them, and then analyze the person’s performance to give timely feedback.

Use Data and Sales Enablement 

The sales department should be keen on reflecting on their performance. Create a habit of taking a 15 to 20-minute break to look back on the calls/meetings to see what needs improvement and what requires work. Data is extremely helpful in these times when sales reps are reflecting upon their performance.

Data can be used to measure performance from sales content to email and product messaging templates. Using the top sales enablement tools such as Content Camel can be extremely helpful to the sales team and recommend content they can use to convince prospects.

Use E-Learning

Your sales team should have all information about the product at their fingertips. They should be adept at knowing all product details so they can deal with customers with confidence. Product training helps them in spotting particular client issues and understanding all details of the product to present it as the ideal solution. Remote working has reduced the probability of people working and learning in the same room. That is where e-learning comes into the picture. Everywhere, companies are using platforms to educate their sales teams about new procedures and products.

Moreover, using sales enablement tools like Content Camel helps them in finding all relevant information that can help a client understand your product fully.

With proper sales training, your team is going to grow and your business shall flourish. Sales leaders should follow the above tips and see results in no time.

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